How To Get the Perfect, No-Fuss Zoom Look, Naturally.

How To Get the Perfect, No-Fuss Zoom Look, Naturally.
How To Get the Perfect, No-Fuss Zoom Look, Naturally.
  1. Minimize Redness for a Fresh Face

The camera can really pick up red and pink tones, so to avoid looking splotchy, start your look right with our Color Correcting Primer and kiss redness goodbye! Bring out the best in your skin, and as an added bonus, this primer simultaneously reduces the appearance of fine lines with peptides and natural antioxidants to fight wrinkles and boost your skin’s collagen to help minimize the appearance of fine lines over time.

Mineral Fusion Color Correcting Primer


  1. Add Concealer to Brighten and Sculpt

Probably one of the most crucial, yet underutilized tools to look flawless on camera. Our Liquid Concealers are the next best thing to a full night’s rest and works wonders to brighten, sculpt and define your eye. Use the wand (and your finger) to pat concealer under eyes, on the bridge of your nose, and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Concealers


  1. Define Eyes with Volumizing Mascara

To appear wide awake and add definition to your eyes, use our Volumizing Mascara in Jet (blackest black). It adds definition to your eyes and, in terms of pixilation, it will make them show up brighter on camera.

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara in Jet


  1. Get Glowing with Blushes and Bronzers

Video chats got you grey? Although your video chat is in HD, it can sometimes make you look rather washed out. To avoid this, apply a blush or bronzer that is a bit more vibrant than you would normally wear. Our favorites are our Blush/Bronzer Duos Blonzer and Rio Blonzer. Adding warmth to your cheeks will give you that youthful, exuberant glow.

Mineral Fusion Blonzer and Rio Blonzer