Choose Your Mascara

Choose Your Mascara

The first step in choosing the right mascara is deciding on what you want to achieve with your mascara. Are you going for a soft, natural look or a more dramatic stylized look? Are you trying to defeat the heat and humidity?

Once you have decided this first crucial step, the rest will fall into place.

Volumizing: If you are going for a soft look choose our Volumizing Mascara. The oversized, full-bristle brush will give your lashes the natural volume and thickness you are looking for. Available in Jet (black), Midnight (deep blue), and Chestnut (brown).

Lengthening: If a more dramatic look is more your speed try our Lengthening Mascara. The thinner, spiraled brush will give a more precise application, while smoothly darkening, defining, and lengthening lashes. This is the perfect mascara to top off a great cat-eye, using the controlled brush to wing the outer edges of your lashes. Available in Graphite (black) and Rock (brown).

Waterproof: Our Waterproof Mascara is ideal for those occasions (or climates) that require a guard against moisture. If you think you might tear up as your sister walks down the aisle, or if you're living in hot, sticky New Orleans waterproof mascara will be your best bet. Carnauba wax and Beeswax naturally repel water, giving lashes long-wearing, waterproof definition. Available in Raven (black), Cocoa (dark brown), and Cliff (light brown).

Lash-curling: Lash Curling Mascara will make your eyes appear open and bright-eyed. The curved brush will give your lashes glamorous curl without the use of a lash curler. Available in Gravity (black) and Ridge (brown).

Whatever your desired look you will want to be sure to choose mascara that is gentle, non-irritating, conditioning, and hypo-allergenic. All Mineral Fusion mascaras are formulated without fragrance, artificial colors, or Phthalates so they will apply easily without any irritation giving you beautifully defined lashes, naturally.