When To Replace?

When To Replace?

Even though you want to use every last bit of your makeup, you might need to toss it before you are able to use it all. The longer you have your makeup the more bacteria collects and can lead to breakouts and infection. Each product has a certain shelf life before it’s opened, but once it is open and exposed to bacteria you’ll want to follow these general guidelines for when to replace your makeup!

Liquid Foundation and Primer - The more Liquid Foundation and Primers are exposed to sponges or your fingertips the more chances it has to be exposed to bacteria, potentially causing it to spoil sooner. If your Liquid Foundation or Primers start to smell, separate, or shift color it is probably time to replace it. In general 1-2 years is a good guideline.

Lipstick and 3-in-1 Color Stick - The natural oils in Lipsticks and 3-in-1 Color Sticks can begin to spoil after repeated exposure to bacteria. If you start to notice dryness or an unpleasant smell it might be time to toss it. Replacing your Lipsticks once a year should help keep your stock nice and fresh!

Mascara - Any product that you are putting close to your eye you will want to be extra vigilant about keeping fresh and clean. The pumping motion many of us do to get the mascara out traps air and potential bacteria in the container, and causes the product to dry out which can cause flaking, clumping, and smudging. Be sure to replace your mascara every 3 months to avoid infection or dry mascara.

Nail Polish - Ever notice that nail polish that you’ve had for a while has become a bottle of goop? An unopened bottle of nail polish can last many years, but once it’s opened and exposed to air some of the ingredients can evaporate and cause a change in consistency. To avoid a goopy mess, be sure to swap out your polishes every 2 years!

Sunscreen - With repeated exposure to heat, sunscreen can become less effective. By replacing your sunscreen every 2 - 3 years you will keep your sunscreen working effectively. However, if you notice it starts to separate or change texture it’s likely been exposed to too much heat and it’s time to toss.