Get Flawless-Looking Skin

Get Flawless-Looking Skin
Get flawless-looking skin even if you have a pesky blemish or dark circles.

Some days our skin just isn’t looking perfect; whether it’s a breakout, dark circles, or age spots. But you can still have naturally flawless-looking skin by following the tips below.

Reduce the noticeability of a blemish or breakout with a little of either Liquid Concealer or Concealer Palette. Use fingers or brush to dab a bit of concealer on top of the blemish. Gently tap the concealer with the brush to blend into the surrounding skin.

Dark Circles
The best way to lighten dark circles is to gently tap a bit of concealer around your eyes using your fingertips. Using a brush here will help eliminate dark circles, but it can also highlight creases. To avoid unnecessary creases, use a light amount of concealer and gently apply with your fingertips!

Age Spots
Dot the concealer on top of any dark spots with the Camouflage Brush and then pat with your finger to blend the edges.