Long Weekend Beauty Tasks

Long Weekend Beauty Tasks

Three day weekends are good for a lot of things: mini vacays, a much needed break from work, and getting pesky tasks crossed off your to do list. This weekend let Mineral Fusion help you complete some of those beauty tasks that have been lingering on your to do list!

3 Simple Beauty Tasks to Get Done This Weekend.

Beauty task #1:

Organize makeup. Your alarm goes off and you kick into your morning routine. Halfway through your routine compacts are dropping left and right, you can't find your favorite brush, and you think to yourself, "I've got to organize my makeup." Take the extra time this weekend and do it. A Mason jar and some dried beans makes a cute and efficient way to store your makeup brushes. You can also store mascaras, pencils, and other tube-style makeup in Mason jars or other cool thrift store finds like teacups or vases. Also, make sure to go through your makeup and check shelf life. Purging your bag of expired makeup will free up space and diminish the possibility of using old product that could cause irritation.

Beauty task #2:

Clean your brushes. Makeup brushes can be a feeding ground for acne-causing bacteria so you want to be sure to give them a good regular cleaning. When you clean your brushes you want to give them enough time to dry thoroughly — which can seem impossible when you know you'll be using them the next day. Use your time this weekend to clean your brushes in the morning after you apply your makeup, and let them dry thoroughly for 24 hours. Lightly mist your brushes with Brush Cleaner and wipe dry on a tissue or paper towel. Loaded with a Grapefruit Seed Extract, this citrus formulation has a high level of natural disinfecting powers to clean your brushes, save your face, and extend the life of your cosmetics brush.

Beauty task #3:

Give yourself a manicure. Sometimes taking 10 minutes to give yourself a manicure seems nearly impossible. Take the extra time this weekend to sit down, relax, and pretty up your nails. Choose from 59 gorgeous shades and 5 treatments, including 3 performance-enhancing tops coats. A couple of our favorite new shades are Pink Fire Opal and Whisper! Check out our DIY Manicure blog post for all the steps for the perfect Mineral Fusion manicure!