5 Reasons to Exfoliate

5 Reasons to Exfoliate
Is exfoliation part of your skin care program?  Skipping exfoliation can lead to dull, rough, and blemished skin.  Exfoliation removes the layers of dry skin cells and debris trapped on the skin's surface.  Below are the five reasons you should exfoliate!
  1. Refined Skin Texture  Rejuvenate your skin! Excess skin cells and impurities can cause rough, uneven skin texture.  Exfoliation sloughs off these cells, helping smooth rough areas and allowing healthy cells to reach the skin's surface, creating a more even skin texture.  Exfoliation also aids in blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface so dull, rough skin is transformed into glowing, more youthful-looking skin.

  2. Say Goodbye to Large Pores
    Dirt and oil build up on the skin and become trapped deep inside pores. Congested, clogged pores appear larger and can result in uneven texture. By helping unclog pores through exfoliation, pores appear smaller and skin is left smoother - giving you a more vibrant, polished complexion.

  3. Tackle Blemishes
    When excess oil and impurities build up on the skin, pores and hair follicles become clogged.  This can lead to blemishes and blackheads. Exfoliation helps remove build up, freeing trapped oils and impurities helping decrease the occurrence of blemishes and blackheads.  It is important to use an exfoliator free of harsh ingredients that can aggravate blemished skin.  Look for ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Lavender that help calm and nourish the skin while you exfoliate your way to a fresh complexion.

  4. Address Signs of Aging
    As we age, skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down, it takes longer for new cells to reach the surface, skin starts to lose elasticity and become drier.  This causes dull skin and increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating helps skin sustain its youthful suppleness. The process of exfoliation can also help lighten age and sun spots - dispersing pigmented cells to help them to fade. Using products containing natural lightening agents, such as Vitamin C, can help fast-track the lightening process and your way to brighter, younger-looking skin.

  5. Improve Product Efficiency
    Improve the effectiveness of your skin care. Layers of built up skin cells can prohibit the proper penetration of serums and moisturizers. Regular exfoliation helps remove these layers, making way for products to properly absorb and work more effectively. Better absorption of products help keep skin nourished, conditioned and radiant!

Try These Products -

Skin-Renewing Face Scrub for all skin types.
For double-duty exfoliation, reach for an exfoliator that has physical AND enzymatic exfoliation - like our Skin-Renewing Face Scrub that contains Garnet and Sea Clay to physically buff and polish the skin, while Papain and Bromelain provide enzymatic exfoliation to help shed dull layers. Aloe Vera and Cucumber nourish and soothe skin making it an ideal product for even people with sensitive skin. For best results, use 3 times per week.







Creamy Brightening Cleanser for all skin types.
For a gentler, more hydrating everyday exfoliator, try our Creamy Brightening Cleanser with Volcanic Stone. It's a luxurious, creamy cleanser that restores moisture to the skin while delicately polishing away dull layers of skin. It will leave your skin smooth and radiant.