Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Changes in weather can lead to dry, chapped, and irritated skin. The winter months are typically much drier than spring, summer, an fall.

Follow these simple steps to keep your skin hydrated all year long!

Start from the inside out and make sure you are drinking lots of water. A hydrated body equals plumper, suppler skin with less noticeable wrinkles. Try drinking some hot water with lemon or a big mug of your favorite herbal tea to hydrate your skin and beat the cold. Green tea is great for dry skin because it's full of antioxidants.

Cleanse with our Ultimate Moisture Cleanser — it cleanses without drying the skin. Mineral-rich Sea Kelp promotes nourished, glowing skin. Gently mist skin with our Skin-Soothing Face Toner to prepare skin for moisturizers and primers. Mineral Water and Hyaluronic Acid help skin absorb and retain moisture. For beautifully hydrated and plump skin, use a serum. Serums are jammed packed full of goodies – like a multivitamin for your skin. Our SPF 16 Age-Defying Treatment Serum is the perfect start to your daily skin care routine with its dual peptide power, revitalizing minerals, mineral SPF protection, and ultra-nourishing botanicals. Next, you want to apply your moisturizer. For really dry skin, try our Intense Hydration Face Cream. Don't skip the eyes! Eye cream is important to keeping a youthful appearance because it minimizes wrinkles and restores moisture. Delicately pat Revitalizing Eye Treatment around the eye with your ring finger.

Include a nightly skin care ritual to help accelerate the natural nighttime recovery process. Did you know that new skin cells grow faster while you sleep? Take advantage of speedier cell growth at night with our Overnight Renewal Skin Care System. First, cleanse your skin with the Charcoal Gel Cleanser to gently extract impurities and leave your skin prepped for absorption of nighttime treatments. Next, apply the Line-Smoothing Nighttime Treatment, with Glycolic Acid and Pineapple Fruit Enzyme, to help plump skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, smooth on the super-rich, super-moisturizing Nighttime Recovery Face Cream with deeply restorative Evening Primrose Oil to recover skin at night and wake up with fresh, hydrated skin.