Travel-Friendly Wipes!

Travel-Friendly Wipes!

Summer is here which means long weekends at the lake, loads of camping, and rambling road trips. Sometimes all these fun summer activities can cause a disruption in your beauty routine, but fear not! We have plenty of ways to keep your beauty routine on track this summer with multiple travel-friendly wipe options.

Even though you might be roughing it out in the woods without any running water, you still want to keep your nighttime beauty routine on track. Our Hydrating Makeup Remover Wipes, infused with Evening Primrose and Argan Oils, will gently dissolve any makeup, dirt, or impurities without needing water.

Have you been meaning to work on that tan, but not interested in harmful UV rays? Build your tan on-the-go without stepping foot in the sun! Our Gradual Self Tan Wipes create a healthy, natural-looking tan that safely builds over time. Enjoy a long lasting, sun-kissed glow without exposure to the sun. Plus these individually wrapped wipes slip easily into any weekend bag!

On a road trip with a chipped manicure? Don't stress, because we've got the on-the-go fix in a convenient Nail Polish Removing Wipes! These gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover wipes gently and effectively remove polish without drying the nail and one wipe is enough to remove the polish from all ten fingers! Your chipped manicure won't stand a chance.