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Skin-Loving Flowers

Apr 12, 2019 | | Mineral Fusion

April is a month of stepping into spring. Breathtaking flowers will start to bloom and sweet aromatic scents will fill...

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Multi-tasking Time Savers

Mar 07, 2019 | | Mineral Fusion

Make up for that hour we all lost for Daylight Savings with our multi-tasking cosmetics and skin care. Simplify your...

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Limitless Beauty

Apr 24, 2017 | cosmetics skincare | Mineral Fusion

Meet our Limitless Beauty Cream. A multi-tasking wonder that hydrates, softens, and enhances skin from head to toe! This all-in-one...

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Mineral Eye Shadow Tutorial

Natural Everyday Eyes

Mar 07, 2016 | cosmetics | Mineral Fusion

For a natural everyday eye makeup look, pick up an universal eye palette in a neutral shade for impact and...

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Liquid Mineral Foundation

Apr 01, 2015 | cosmetics | Mineral Fusion

Enhance your natural beauty with our new liquid foundation! Makeup, especially foundation, looks best when you can't see it –...

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Cat Eye DIY

Mar 27, 2015 | cosmetics | Mineral Fusion

3 simple cat eye tutorials The cat eye is one look you can count on from season to season that...

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