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Making Beauty Healthy

Aug 13, 2018 | Cosmetics Nailcare | Mineral Fusion

making beauty healthy

Our commitment to sustainability reaches deeper than just natural ingredients. Read on to learn about our commitments to sustainability.

Mineral Fusion has over 120 EWG VERIFIED™ cosmetics and skin care products. By choosing products with the EWG seal you can be confident that it is healthy and safe for your body and the earth. The Environmental Working Group has vigorously researched the ingredients within these products to be sure that they are safe and healthy to use. That mascara makes more of a difference than just gorgeous volume!

Mineral Fusion is proud to make the world's first CarbonFree™ nail polish. Mineral Fusion works with to calculate the carbon emissions created when producing nail polish. Then, Mineral Fusion contributes funding to energy efficiency, forestry, and renewable energy projects to offset the emissions. Help create a sustainable future one nail polish bottle at a time! Let us help you make simple choices to create a healthier future!

Not only can we be proud of what is in our products, but we can be proud of what we put our products in as well! Our packaging is 100% recyclable and printed with soy inks to further our commitment to sustainability. Making this choice is just one small way we can help give back to the earth.