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Color Correcting Primer

Mar 14, 2018 | Cosmetics | Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion

Have a litte blemish or redness that you’d like to cover up? Our Color Correcting Concealer can help with that!

Our Color Correcting Primer is packed with naturally camouflaging green mineral pigments that neutralize unwanted redness. Plus, besides concealing redness, the Color Correcting Primer will also fill in lines and even tone to create a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application!

This little bottle packs a lot of punch because it is also infused with botanicals to soothe skin. Aloe and Chamomile calm sensitive skin leaving it more balanced and comforted. Plus natural antioxidants and our wrinkle fighting, collagen-boosting peptide help minimize the appearance of fine lines.

For best results apply to freshly cleaned and moisturized skin, and before applying foundation. Smooth onto skin using your fingertips and watch it work magic!

Watch video for information on our full line of Primers, including Color Correcting Primer.