Baby Soft Feet

Baby Soft Feet

Searching for the remedy to dry, cracked heels? Look no further. Read on to learn the simple steps to wake up to baby soft feet by morning.

Step 1
After getting out of the shower apply a generous layer of Limitless Beauty Cream to heels. You can even give yourself a well-needed foot massage while you apply the cream. This multi-tasking cream is packed with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to provide indulgent hydration to soften dry skin and cracked heels.

Step 2
Toss on a pair of socks! This will keep the cream from rubbing off on your sheets and on your heels instead!

Step 3
Get a good night’s beauty rest (can it get any easier?) and wake up to softer, smoother feet!

Don’t think this is the only use for this magical little tube. Use it to moisturize lips, tame brows, apply to dry elbows, soften cuticles, or simply use as a hand cream or super-rich night cream. Mix with powder cosmetics to create cream eye shadows and blushes!