Change It Up for Fall

6 tips for the summer ☀️ to fall 🍁 palette change

Change It Up for Fall
Change It Up for Fall

The season of cool, crisp temperatures, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything is finally here! You may have already started to break out your fall wardrobe in preparation for colder weather, but have you thought about your makeup for the new fall season?

Luckily, we’ve made it simple for you to make the switch effortlessly! Learn how to transition your makeup bag from summer to fall with these 6 simple beauty tips…

1. Wear Hydrating Foundation

In the summertime, heat and humidity were on your side helping to give you a natural, dewy glow. However, in dry, cooler weather, it’s important to switch to a foundation that will keep your skin moisturized so your makeup application looks fresh and flawless. Try our Sheer Tint Mineral Foundation, a lightweight, hydrating foundation with a dewy finish that provides sheer mineral coverage for a perfectly even skin tone.

2. Go for Deeper Lip Shades

Pink and coral may have been summertime lip staples, but fall calls for gorgeous maroon, plum and burgundy shades. Alluring, Gem, and Tempting are just a few fall Lipstick favorites! If you’re looking for something subtler than a bold lipstick, try our creamy, glossy Lipstick Butters. Some top picks this season are: Blackberry, Delicious, Pomegranate, Ripe, and Vine. If you’re wanting to achieve an even glossier look, apply our Liquid Lip Gloss in Polished or Reflect over your favorite fall lipstick.

3. Turn up the Bronzer

While bronzer may be a summertime essential, it’s just as important during fall to help you achieve a healthy looking glow. Because you tend to spend less time outdoors, your skin will most likely see less sun, resulting in a lighter skin tone. Choose a bronzer that’s lighter than one you would normally wear in the summer and lightly contour your cheekbones for a natural looking finish. Our Blonzer and Luster Bronzer Duo are some customer fall favorites!

4. Keep Your Eyeshadow Warm

Tuck away your lighter, brighter shades and trade them in for warm and rich neutral tones. Warm tones like copper, gold, bronze, and reddish browns are ultra-defining and help to bring out your gorgeous eye color. Plus, these neutral shades look great on all skin tones! Our Eye Shadow Trios come readily coordinated in three richly pigmented shades to enhance eyes individually or together. Try Density, Fragile, Stunning or Espresso Gold.

5. Opt for a Creamier Blush

Colder weather tends to naturally dry your skin out, resulting in not-so-favorable makeup application. Keep your skin hydrated by swapping out your powder blush for a creamier formula. Our 3-in-1 Color Stick will help you do just that! This versatile product delivers gorgeous mineral color to your cheeks and it’s lightweight, hydrating formula adds a subtle shimmer and pretty glow to any skin complexion. Our top picks for fall are Berry Glow and Magnetic.

6. Switch to Waterproof Mascara

To avoid under-eye smudging and smearing due to watery eyes and colder weather, try switching your go-to mascara to a waterproof formula. Our Waterproof Mineral Mascara contains natural wax that repels water, giving your lashes long-wearing, waterproof definition. Our rich mineral formulas come in 3 different shades: Raven, Cliff, or Cocoa!