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Polish Pairings

Aug 13, 2015 | | Mineral Fusion

Nail polish is a great accessory to any look. It's an easy way to make a daring statement without purchasing a new piece of clothing, or to have a little fun with your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Whether you like to switch up your polish or stick to a consistent staple color, we've put together some of our favorite nail polish combos that work all year round. Read on to find the right polish duo for you!


1. Red & Nude. This classic look is like the LBD of nail combos – it never goes out of style. For the nude shade try Fossil, and for red we recommend Crimson Clay.

2. Coral & Metallic. A beautiful duo of peachy-orange and reflective metallic is a peppy combo that surpasses all seasons. A universally flattering coral like Sunkissed, can be as neutral and universal as a nude polish. Pair that with a nickel-colored metallic like Nickel & Dime to complete the look.

3. Pink & Gray. A sweet mix of moody pastels brings effortless elegance to your manis and pedis. Try Bubble and Slate nail polish shades.

4. Beautiful Blues. This calming pair will fill your days with tranquility. Try Cerulean Rock and Midnight Ridge to get the perfect pairing of blue hues.

5. Pretty Purples. Mix it up with a pastel lavender and a rich berry shade for a great balance of simplicity and fun. We recommend Pebble and Trinket for these pops of color.

6. Vintage Glam. Effortlessly chic with a touch of vamp, these timeless shades will elevate your style whether you're out grocery shopping or hitting the town. Try Vintage Pearl and Garnet shades for this elegant look.